Body Shaping

Body Shape with Susi Walker

Body Shape Fitness ClassA class for everyone; 18 – 80 years of age. And you CAN do it! Body Shape was designed to bring flexibility and strength to tight and atrophied muscles, so you can get out there! This is a hour class to smooth jazz music with deep breathing for relaxation in preparing stiff and sore muscles to move to support the body. Science has proven the body has a memory, given appropriate exercises using calisthenics, isometrics, yoga and Pilates you can achieve results effectively.
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You also reduce the risk of injury improving flexibility, toning and range of motion. Cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance are achieved combining upper and lower body moves while utilizing and building core strength. Whatever you do from everyday work around the home, riding a bike, swimming or playing tennis, this class will make it possible to begin with a more flexible new body shape with correct posture and positioning. Remember to bring your mat!
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