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Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense)

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Learn the basics of self-defense and condition your body at the same time! This will be a 1 hour class focusing on conditioning and techniques. It is open to men and women, particularly designed for those who have had little to no martial arts or self-defense training. Based on ICCS Krav Maga, an international Krav Maga organization based in Jerusalem, Israel, we bring this valuable self-defense methodology and training to downtown Sarasota.

Krav Maga Background Information

Krav Maga literally means contact-combat in Hebrew. It is a self-defense system developed and fine-tuned over the years for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). It consists of a wide range of combinations and techniques sourced from aikido, boxing, kick boxing, and wresting, along with reality-based training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real life situations, applicable to the businessman, businesswoman, law enforcement, and of course the military.

Krav Maga is not a martial art, it’s not about a specific technique, position, or fancy disarms. Krav Maga is about a proper mindset and key principles. It’s about having the strength of mind and body, and the motivation so you and the people around you can survive an unpleasant situation. Krav Maga is about knowing how to turn on, when to take the the attack back to the attacker and force him/her out of their comfort zone. Don’t waste time with too much theoretical training, that will never bring you the attitude you need to win a fight. Just train like a warrior!

Remember, aggression always covers for the absence of technique, technique never covers for the absence of aggression.

Sharir Richman
ICCS Head Instructor

For more details on the ICCS global organization, please visit the ICCS Krav Maga website (www.iccs-krav-maga.com).

Class Schedule

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ICCS Krav Maga LogoKrav Maga Curriculum

  • Knowing human body basic vital points
  • Dealing with grabs
  • Basic striking techniques – arms, legs, elbows
  • Advanced striking combinations, combining hand strikes and kicking
  • Surviving on the ground
  • Dealing with chokes
  • Dealing with knife threats and attacks
  • Dealing with long weapon attacks (stick, bat, tire iron)
  • Gun disarms
  • Dealing with multiple opponents
  • Others

Call 941-961- 7881 (Christine) or 786-282- 0548 (Joe) for more details.
Currently we are offering either larger group seminars or private lessons.